NFT-Powered Cardano Launchpad Run by a Decentralized Community

About ADAStarterDAO

ADAStarterDAO is a launchpad that is much more than just a launchpad. It is a comprehensive platform that provides tools and services for projects and investors throughout the entire lifecycle of blockchain projects. ADAStarterDAO allows anyone to launch their project, list their token on the decentralized exchange, and engage with their investors and community members on an ongoing basis. Similarly, investors can follow a project from its inception and continue to engage with the project as it develops, participating in its token sale, dex trading, airdrops, staking, and other campaigns run by projects.

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Visually see the hottest new blockchain projects as determined by the crypto community; the more support a project receives, the bigger their project listing will appear.

The ADAS Ecosystem

Why Choose ADAS

We designed the launchpad to best serve the needs of investors and projects, offering access to a fully integrated cross-chain ecosystem, while simplifying both the investment and listing process.

Benefits for Projects

Launchpad and Dex Integration

Integrated launchpad and decentralized exchange so the transition from initial listing to secondary exchange is smooth

Decentralized Evaluation

No centralized team deciding if your project can be listed

Project Homepage

 Dedicated page for ongoing marketing and social media outreach so you can continue to grow your community

Marketing Tools

Integrated social media marketing for referral & airdrop campaigns

Token Staking

Auto-generated token staking smart contracts so your token holders can easily stake their tokens

Unlimited Investor Base

No requirement for investors to hold launchpad tokens in order to invest in your project, meaning you can target all investors and even list on other launchpads simultaneously

Benefits for Investors

Visual Engagement

 Easily see the most popular blockchain projects as they will have the largest listing boards on the launchpad

No Complex Allocations

No complex tier system for project token allocations; you do not need to hold launchpad tokens in order to invest in projects

Community Voting

Decentralized community of tokenholders vote for projects, and their rewards are tied to the performance of the project tokens

Project Analysis

Find promising projects and learn about the strengths and weaknesses of these projects by reading community reviews, ratings, and discussions

Launchpad Community Rewards

Receive launchpad tokens by using the platform and being active in the community

Ongoing Project Rewards

Earn project tokens by participating in ongoing project campaigns such as airdrops and staking

Launchpad and Dex Integration

 Invest and trade in one place without worrying about buying the wrong token as our launchpad and dex is seamlessly integrated


Invest with top investors or earn token rewards when others co-invest with you

Project Launch Process

Step 1

Project Application

Project team submits project application and receives an NFT that gives them ownership of a listing board on the launchpad.

Project Promotion

Project teams run social media campaigns and lock project tokens as airdrop rewards for community members who vote for their project.

Step 2
Step 3

Project Voting

Launchpad token holders can vote for projects with their tokens and receive airdrop rewards from projects based on how many tokens they hold. The more tokens that vote for a project, the bigger their listing board will grow.

Token sale

The token sale smart contract goes live and interested investors can invest in projects without the need to hold launchpad tokens.

Step 4
Step 5

Dex Listing

Project tokens are listed on the integrated decentralized exchange, providing a seamless user experience from investing to trading.

Our Unique Selling Points

ADAS Tokenomics

We believe that tokenomics should be designed to drive the mission of the project, which in the case of launchpads is to match investors with projects. This is why we do not believe in the traditional tokenomics model of requiring investors to hold launchpad tokens in order to invest in projects. Such a model increases the barrier to investing for investors while reducing the potential pool of investors that projects can target, both of which are against the mission of launchpads. Worse yet, such tokenomics models involve complicated tier systems whereby an investor’s probability of getting an allocation and the allocation amount depends on the number of launchpad tokens one holds. We understand that this is designed to increase the demand for the launchpad token, but this is an artificially engineered demand, and worse still, it is one that generates negative utility for the users of the launchpad. 

A better tokenomics model is one in which holding launchpad tokens helps investors find quality projects while earning rewards by helping projects reach a wider investor base. In our tokenomics models, holders of ADAS tokens can vote for projects that they believe in, which will increase the size of that project’s listing board, helping that project gain visibility. In return, voters will receive an airdrop reward of that project’s token. As ADAS tokens can only be used to vote for one project at a time, it is in the best interest of voters to conduct due diligence and vote for the projects they find most promising. Below is a list of 10 use cases of the ADAS token, all designed to match investors with projects.

Token Use Cases

Staking Rewards

ADAS can be staked to earn more ADAS tokens

Voting Rewards

Vote for launchpad projects with your ADAS tokens and receive project tokens as a reward; the more ADAS you hold, the more airdrop tokens you will receive

Investment Token

ADAS can be used to invest in launchpad projects

Voting Power

ADAS token holders can vote on proposals to add new features and improvements to the launchpad, as well as how the launchpad is run

Liquidity Pool

ADAS can be added to token liquidity pools to earn transaction fees

Operations Tools

ADAS can be staked by projects to run services such as social media campaigns and staking services

Marketing Services

ADAS can be staked by projects to have their own dedicated page for ongoing marketing and operations

Token Borrowing

Projects can lend ADAS to investors to help promote their project

User Rewards

ADAS are rewarded to users who engage with the platform (eg. leave comments for projects, share projects on social media, etc)


ADAS can be used to co-invest in projects alongside top investors

Token Distribution

Project Contributors

People who contribute to the project, whether on the software development, marketing, community management, improvement proposals, or any other front, will be rewarded ADAS.

Community Members

ADAS will be rewarded to community members who join the ADAStarterDAO community, invite friends, use the platform, and vote for launchpad projects.

Liquidity Pool

ADAS will be set aside to provide liquidity for ADAS trading pairs.

Staking Pool

ADAS rewarded to holders who stake their ADAS.

Ongoing Operations

Funding the ongoing operational and marketing expenses of the project.

Token Sale

Raise funds to support the development and continued improvement of the launchpad ecosystem.

Additional Token Benefits

We also understand the importance of increasing the utility of the token for token holders so we have dedicated a lot of time to design and engineer the tokenomics so that token holders have incentive to hold the token long term. As the ecosystem expands, we will continuously seek to add more use cases for the token to increase its long term utility. We want you to never want to part with your ADAS tokens, so below are extra incentives not to do so.

  1. Lottery rewards for those who vote for projects
  2. Lottery rewards for those who stake their ADAS tokens
  3. No-loss lottery for ADAS stakers 
  4. No-loss lottery for ADAS liquidity providers 
  5. More to come…